From May 1 to May 28 I will use the callsign PC45FREE to remember the end of WWII in 1945.

QSL via bureau.




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Our expedition to DM/BW in the newspaper ( PA0SKP & PA3FYG )

 SOTA trip Monday 23 Febr – Friday 27 Febr. with my radio friend Sake.

Sake PA0SKP and Hans PA3FYG on Lemberg DM/BW-038

Sake PA0SKP and Hans PA3FYG on Lemberg DM/BW-038

I infected Sake with the SOTA virus in August 2011, when he visited me on a camping in Slovenia. He achieved Mountain Goat status on 11-Feb-2015, congratulations.

When Sake was struggling in 20 cm snow near the path to find the exact GPS spot and I was placing the antenna  near a nice cabin on DM/BW-038 “Lemberg”, we met a  man who  happened to be a newspaper journalist . He was very interested about our activities and asked if he could place an article in the local newspaper. He was not prepared, so did some writing on my QSL-card  and made a picture with my camera. After diner I mailed the picture to him, and the next morning he mailed the article to the paper. CW-guys were lucky that afternoon, Sake did more than the usual number of QSO’s, while I was informing the reporter about ham radio and SOTA. He did well considering the lack of knowledge about ham radio and the short time we had available. ( Time is  “points”, instead of money )

By the way, we had a nice trip and were very lucky with the weather. On the outward  journey we had all rain until we reached the first summit a5 14.50 UTC, but managed to activate DM/BW-846 and BW-052 before arriving in our holiday house.( a 700 km trip ). On the way back it was snowing for an hour, then raining until we reached PA, so no activations on the way home.

In total we activated 15 summits in three and a half day, only three  were “drive-on”, the rest was struggling in the snow. Of course most of the times no nice shelters or seat, so just sitting in the snow.  Glad it was not getting dark before 17.30 utc( 18.30 local ) hi hi. At the end of the day it  was hard to find chasers and qrm on 40m is very strong.

You can see and read the article HEREOur names are not always ok in the article, but who cares. I am wearing my one cap, so I ( Hans PA3FYG ) am sitting at the right!

More photos here

Hope to hear you soon again,

Sake PA0SKP and Hans PA3FYG




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Summer Holiday 2014

We will go to Denmark and Norway and of course activate some summits over there.

Hope to hear you !

73 de Hans PA3FYG

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Sorry side broke down

I will replace my SOTA, WWFF, GPS , foxhunt and other hamradio information soon.

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