End fed antenna

For my portable activations I am using a endfed antenna for a long time now. ( 1/2-wave )

* Easy to erect ( vertical, horizontal, slope, inverted-V ).
* No radials.
* Only one support of about 50 cm needed for my fishing rod when I use it as an vertical.
* Multi band possible.
* Rigid but small an lightweight.
* Not much space around me needed.

It is possible to make one your self, but the multiband “transformer” is not easy to build!

I bought mine ( 10/20/40 m version ) via HyEnd Company. This one is 10m log and has one coill about 1,5 m from the top.

Hy End Company logo

Ron the producer of these antennas is a member of our club so I was able to suggest some adaptions to make the antenna suitable for frequent use. The antenna is how ever also very suitable for permanent installation.

I also made a multiband ” link” version, with a copy of the coil to use the other bands ( 12,15,17,30 m ). The ” box” is wideband ( 3-30MHz ). See pictures.

When using it vertical I connect the coil to the pole with a piece of hook-and-loop fasteners, ( Velcro-tape ) to reduce bending.

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